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Διαβάστε περισσότερα: https://www.betmenu.net/


Football Predictions for January 12 will be updated around 1pm (CET).

Matches that have an early start will be updated at 11am (CET)

Διαβάστε περισσότερα: https://www.betmenu.net/



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GERMANY - 1st division - BUNDESLIGA

HERTHA - AUGSBURG:  1 (1.92) ... Hertha to score Over 1,5 goals (1.80)

Hertha is in excellent condition after the change of coach. 2 wins and a draw plus nice football. Together with Bayern they are the best teams in Bundesliga as to their positive momentum. Augsburg had all the results after the long Covid-19 pause and still has to struggle in order to be safe (just 4 points away from the danger zone).

SCHALKE - BREMEN:  X2 (1.55) ... 2 (3.00) ... Under 2,5 goals (1.80) 

The disaster of Schalke continues. 3 defeats in a row after the pause. No targets for this season, no motivation. Bremen had all the results so far, it makes a serious effort but still there is a gap of 5 points from Dusseldorf. Bremen will give all it has for a win today thinking that Bayern will normally win Dusseldorf.

MAINTZ - HOFFENHEIM:  X (3.90) ...  Both teams to score (1.44)  

Maintz is in trouble (just 1 point above the red zone). The team cannot find a positive momentum, there is pressure and needs to win this one. Hoffenheim is relaxed, had so far some good results and still has dreams for European cups positions.

WOLFSBURG - FRANKFURT:    1 (2.00) ...  Over 2,5 goals (1.66) ... Over 3,5 goals (2.60)

The results so far for Wolfsburg are ok. They lost at home against Dortmund but had 2 excellent wins away from home. Now against the average team of Frankfurt they must show that there is a continuation after the huge win at Leverkusen with 4-1.

BAYERN - DUSSELDORF:  Under 4,5 goals (1.70) ... Lewandowski 2+ goals (2.30)     

After the win at Dortmund, Bayern is 99% the Champion. Dusseldorf is fighting for its life since it remains at the danger zone but its results after the pause are good (2 draws and a win). I think that Bayern will win this one in a professional way. There is no need for full attack and lets not forget that all the teams will have their 3rd match in a week !


GERMANY - 2nd division - BUNDESLIGA II

KARLSRUHER - ST PAULI:  1 (2.50) ... Under 2,5 goals (1.80)

KIEL - BIELEFELD:  X2 (1.42) ... Both teams to score (1.60)

NURNBERG - BOCHUM:  Both teams to score (1.68) ... Over 2,5 goals (1.87)

SANDHAUSEN - HANNOVER:  1 (2.85) ... Under 2,5 goals (1.85) 


BELARUS - 1st division - VYSSHAYA LIGA

BELSHINA - SLAVIA MOZYR:  X (3.25) ... Both teams to score (1.91)

DINAMO MINSK - SOLIGORSK:  Both teams to score (1.95)



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BET 3 (6.91)

HERTHA - AUGSBURG:  1 (1.92)


SCHALKE - BREMEN:  Under 2,5 goals (1.80)


BET 4 (6.70)

KARLSRUHER - ST PAULI:  Under 2,5 goals (1.80)

BELSHINA - SLAVIA MOZYR: Both teams to score (1.91)

DINAMO MINSK - SOLIGORSK:  Both teams to score (1.95)


BET3 + BET4 with total odds at 46












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