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Football Predictions for January 12 will be updated around 1pm (CET).

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Διαβάστε περισσότερα: https://www.betmenu.net/


Football Predictions for January 12 will be updated around 1pm (CET).

Matches that have an early start will be updated at 11am (CET)

Διαβάστε περισσότερα: https://www.betmenu.net/


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ENGLAND - 1st division - Premier League

6 matches remaining including today's games.

Tottenham - Everton:  X (3.60) ... Both teams to score (1.75)

I was badly surprised yesterday from the fact that Manchester City did not score a goal against Southampton... As for today's match: The 10th against the 11th. Both have some European dreams targeting the 6th position although I do not think that they will get to it at the end. Tottenham had a bad day on Thursday at Sheffield where they lost 3-1. The Spurs of Jose Mourinho must react immediately. Kane scores but more is needed. As to Everton, the way the team plays is becoming quite interesting (most probably not so interesting for its English fans). Under coach Carlo Ancelotti, Everton is gradually becoming an Italian style team. The Toffees play for the result not for the show. Everton has a good psychology after 2 wins in a row and I think that the Italian fox (Ancelotti) can take something from this match. 


GREECE - 1st division - Relegation Group

Larissa - Panionios:  2 (2.00) ... Over 2,5 goals (2.08)

Only Panionios has motivation here. Of course with the Greek Play Outs we can never know what will happen... If a team will play 100% of not. Panionios so far has shown good performance and is the only team here in need of points and its positive momentum gives potential.

Lamia - Xanthi:  2 (2.20) ... penalty awarded (2.60)

Same match as the above. Lamia is on vaccation for some games now and its players present a bad performance at their matches. Will they play for Panionios and create issues at Xanthi? The teams of Panionios, Panetolikos and Xanthi are struggling to avoid the relegation positions. Who knows what Lamia will decide to do... The motivation is on Xanthi.

Atromitos - Panaitolikos:  1 (2.60)

Same as above. Only Panaitolikos is motivated and needs the win. Atromitos has a better team than Panaitolikos and if it decides to play seriously it can win.


SPAIN - 1st division - La Liga

5 matches remaining including today's games.

Levante - Real Sociedad:  1X (1.75)

Levante is relaxed, it plays for fun. Real Sociedad after 4 defeats in a row managed to grab a win at home (2-1) against Espanyol. Real Sociedad is not in good momentum after the Covid-19 pause. Ok it won Espanyol but almost everybody wins Espanyol. My opinion is that the match will depend on Levante. A serious Levante team will not lose from the average team of Real Sociedad.

Sevilla - Eibar:  1 (1.50) ... Over 2,5 goals (1.90) 

Sevilla is motivated since it targets the 3rd position. It has the potential for even an easy win since Eibar plays with anxiety due to its position (just 6 points above the Relegation zone). Scores 2-0, 3-1.


PORTUGAL - 1st division - Primeira Liga

5 matches remaining including today's games.

Moreirense - Sporting:  2 (1.70) ... Over 2,5 goals (2.00)

Portugal matches showed a strange start after the Covid-19 pause but now they are having again some normal rythm. Sporting is the better team here and needs the points. Moreirense had a nice season, is relaxed, it will play its game and will try to score.


GERMANY - Relegation Play Offs (2nd match)

Heidenheim - Werder Bremen:  1 (4.00)

1st leg 0-0. Heidenheim did during the 1st match what it knows best: Defence, full defence. It played well and had its chances for a precious goal. Now its another game. But I do not think that it will change its strategy. It will play once again serious defence and will try to get 1 goal against Bremen. The away goal counts. Will Werder Bremen wake up at this match? It did not show something interesting during the 1st leg at home so why present something different this time. These are finals, so the psychology will be important. The anxiety is for Bremen, not for Heidenheim. I do not agree with the odds giving as favourite Werder Bremen.


SWEDEN - 1st division - Allsvenskan

Djurgarden - Helsingborg:  1 and Over 1,5 goals (1.57) 

There is a gap of quality here. The Champions (Djurgarden) can win while Helsingborg cannot score. Possible final scores 2-0, 3-0.

Norrkoping - Goteborg:  Both teams to score (1.72)

The problem with the matches after the Covid-19 pause (which is a gift for the betting companies) is that the teams play many matches with just 3-4 days of rest. In Sweden the teams are not like in Germany, UK or Italy and the physical pressure is important to the players. This is the main unknown factor in these games.

Ostersunds - Mjallby:  X2 (1.42)

Varbergs - Kalmar:  X (3.20)


Turkey - 1st division - Super Lig

Kayserispor - Besiktas:  Over 2,5 goals (1.52) ... a red card (3.00)




BET1, BET2, the Match of the day and sometimes Special Bets are only reserved to VIP members.

We do not have today many interesting matches or last moment information that can create several bets. Therefore I am giving only here my main betting ideas and VIP members will receive some Special bets.


The BETS I present you, are combo bets which sometimes have very high odds. Of course if you wish you can copy them as they are or use them to create your own bets. For example if I give you in total 5 matches with high odds, you can ask for 4 correct and 5 correct or whatever you like the most.


BET3 (total odds at 4.12)

Sevilla - Eibar:  1 (1.50)

Djurgarden - Helsingborg:  1 and Over 1,5 goals (1.57)

Tottenham - Everton:  Both teams to score (1.75)


BET4 (total odds at 4.32)

Ostersunds - Mjallby:  X2 (1.42)

Kayserispor - Besiktas:  Over 2,5 goals (1.52)

Moreirense - Sporting:   Over 2,5 goals (2.00)


Total odds for BET3 + BET4 approximately at 18











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